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True Beauty

“Beauty is in how one conducts herself; not in wealth, prestige or popularity.”  

Nigel Barker

So much of what we see in the media is photoshopped and full of stereotypes of how we should look, feel and behave.  What I have learned is that TRUE BEAUTY, the authentic kind, isn’t about your outsides, but it’s about how you feel about yourself and how you in turn treat the people around you.  I think we all know people who “look good” on the outside but their insides - their attitude and character - were dark. They are judge-y and mean. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they’re doing it because they are so worried about the outside stuff. It’s the people who are kind, compassionate and try to be their best selves that show TRUE BEAUTY.  Real beauty shows up in confidence and curiosity with the world. These are the ones that good people are drawn to, not the phony ones. That's the kind of beauty we should strive for.

So, how do we do that when we feel bombarded at times to look, feel and behave a certain way? It can be hard. We have to be conscious of that negative nagging inner voice so we can replace it with a positive one. (For the record, I call mine "Ursula.") It starts with "flipping the script" and working from within. These actionable items will help, too, and get your mindset going in the right direction.

1. Thank your body. Out loud. Thank her (or him) for waking up, walking, running, thinking, building, or whatever you think is worthy of some thanks.

2. Make a list of TEN things you like about yourself that aren't material goods.

3. Do activities that create joy - regardless of what you might think you look like doing them. Like to dance? Dance! Even in your kitchen!

4. Tune into some mindfulness... I love the apps Breathe, Headspace and Sanity & Self.

5. Find real world role models to seek mentorship from. Be brave and ask them how they do the things they do.

Want a little more of this? There's a video companion. So, get out there, you beautiful human! We need your voice! And if you want to download the FREE workbook, check it out HERE.

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