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Personal Organizer

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I don't know about you but I have a lot going on!  It's the nature of a productive motivated human.  And I need to be organized or I lose my mind. Traditional calendars and planners haven't always done the trick, so I invented my own. I use mine in conjunction with my digital calendar. It's a dream!


These pretty printables will take you from a yearly at-a-glance to a project specific template.  Twenty (yes, 20!) pages of inspiration, how-to's, and organizers to get you on the right track in your own customizable way.  

Can't Beat



Little Happies

12 Cards to Spread Cheer All Year

Give a little sunshine to someone that needs it!  These "little happies" are perfect for giving a pal a little a boost or as personal affirmations.  Tuck them into lockers and purses, hang them on mirrors and peg boards, send them in the mail when you can't be there to hug someone in person.  

Can't Beat



Coaching Session

Gift Certificate for a 1:1

Coaching is a wonderful tool if you are in need of some serious head-clearing-space. Coaching can help you plan an event, set goals, get organized or help guide you through a transitional period in life.  

Coaching will help you reflect on your strengths, work on your skills and move forward into your best life.  

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