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This post seems a little unpolished, imperfect.  This was a pouring of my heart on a Sunday morning.  It's written with love. LP 

(first published at the Lotus Project, February 1, 2019)

I have scars.  I have the ones that you can see... like acne scars on my face and the old stitches from when I crashed face first into a glass coffee table. I have one or two on my leg from having a mole removed.  I have one under my hair that you'll only see if I lose my hair. I have this weird one that I kind of like on my hand from a piece of plastic. It's bumpy and fun to run your finger over.

Then there are the ones you can't see.  The ones that are buried and have healed. The ones from other people's words or actions against me and my body.  Some of them I've given to myself by doubting my potential or second guessing myself. Most of these are in the healing process, but they do bring up some unconscious fears sometimes. When I talk to "my girls" about their scars, it hurts my heart. Like rips it open. Again and again.

The stories of assault, divorce, harassment, bullying, depression, anxiety, friend group changes, illness... the list goes on.

Their scars are still new, as mine have healed. I have survived  mine.

Has it been a process? Hell yes. Was it work? You'd better believe it. BUT, I'm glad for my journey. Now. Maybe not then.

Your power comes when you see all of the CHOICE you have in the world.

Here's what I know.  YOU WILL SURVIVE. You are not alone. There are people that love you. We will be your circles of protection. Talk to someone you trust.  Ask for help.  Seek recovery.  Seek to make the best version of yourself. Personal development is a life long gig.

Don't know where to start?  Ask a positive role model in your life. You could even google it. (I google everything!)

Our scars are beauty. They tell a story about our past and something that has happened to us that we have overcome. They remind us that we have gotten better because of it. Some of our scars are on the outside where people can see them and some of our scars are held in our hearts. They all matter, they are a part of us. They've taught us things and helped us grow.

So, in a quest for self love and empowerment, ask this question.  How can you take your scars and use them to make the world better? I'm telling you, we need your stories. We need your voice.  We need your passion and heart.  

For more information about the Lotus Project, check out this video. (Can you believe a high school student created this?! It's amazing.) And if you would like a FREE guide to LOVING YOURSELF BETTER, CLICK HERE.

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