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The Lotus Project
What do you get for your purchase? 

When I was designing the Lotus Project to get it out into the world, I was really conscious about making a product that was easy for a person to use to connect with teens wherever they were. Your time is important and I don't want you to reinvent the wheel.  As a public school teacher I am also aware that we don't have a lot of extra money flowing in to our budgets.  I designed this so you could use it multiple years in a row, without repurchasing again.


Read on to learn about all you will get.  It's definitely the most bang for your buck!

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Background and How-To Helpers
  • A letter from a Lotus Project Alumni about her experience participating in the Lotus Project as a freshman and as a senior

  • The inspiring story of how and why LaRissa Paras created the Lotus Project that you can relate to and share with others.

  • The "How-To Organize your own Lotus Project" complete with choosing mentors, the role of the director, timing of the sessions, and a meeting format outline

  • A guide to how to invite girls and develop buy-in to the program

  • Sample Invitation (printable) - this is customizable to your specific dates, locations and times

  • Permission Slip (printable) - this is handy for parents to understand the project and for leaders to have emergency contact information, food allergy and medication awareness, etc.

  • Information Sheet (printable) - this is for the girls to fill out and will help schools and communities track data about their populations.

  • Reflection Form (printable) - this is for the girls to fill out at the end of their sessions. Understanding what we do well and what we can improve upon as leaders is very effective as we grow our sisterhood.  

  • A full guide to each of the 8 sessions.  Each of these chapters includes guidance and background on the topic for the mentors, a supply list, a step-by-step group activity, a journal prompt that ties into the lesson and printable copies of all of the handouts. It's like the most inspiring set of lesson plans you'll ever see.

8 Sessions, the HEART of the Lotus Project

Each of these sessions includes mentor background on each topic, a supply list, a step-by-step group activity, a journal prompt that ties into the lesson and printable copies of all of the handouts. There are also ideas in each for personalization, guest speakers and community involvement if you want to grow bigger.


Click below to learn more about each session.

Personal Coaching Prep Session

Sometimes trying something new can be intimidating.  I'm here to be your cheerleader, your guiding force and your clarifier. One hour of coaching can often run people close to one hundred dollars, but I feel it's so important to make sure you feel ready to lead that I wanted to incorporate this into our cost. After you've purchased, we will set a time to chat that works for your busy schedule.  In person or video chat, we will connect.  I can't wait!  LP

The Lotus Project... The only mentorship program that inspires personal growth for young women everywhere who want to feel heard, whole and confident, when the pressure for perfection stifles them from being their true, unapologetic selves.

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