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How Can I

Help You?

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1:1 Sessions

Certified and trained Cognitive Coach.  

Coaching is a wonderful tool if you are in need of some serious head-clearing-space. Coaching can help you plan an event, set goals, get organized or help guide you through a transitional period in life.  (New job? New baby? New town? New school? These things are HARD. I'll help you find some clarity to move the mountains in your world.)

Coaching will help you reflect on your strengths, work on your skills and move forward into your best life.  

Coaching... the best gift you can give yourself

The Lotus Project

empowering ourselves and each other

The Lotus Project is THE program for mentor leaders that sparks growth & encourages young women along their journey.

We provide the tools and

guidance for you

to share your story

and make a difference.

If you are a teacher or youth leader and would like to start having real conversations with teens and don't know where to start or don't have time to create your own program, join me.  I have all the details planned out. Top to bottom.  The girls just need YOU now.

We have it all laid out for you - join us!


  • Mentors Matter: Connecting with Teens and Colleagues Through Mentoring
  • Positive Self Talk - with a Polaroid Activity (What you say to yourself matters!)
  • Stress Reduction for EVERYONE (Yoga, relaxation, tips to take)
  • Healthy Relationships (What is it? What is it not? Consent.)
  • Mindset Manifest (shifting our inner dialog to create success and self esteem)
  • Personal Branding (What is it? Why does it matter? How do you create yours?)
  • Taking Care of your Mental Health (What is mental health? What tools are within us to take care of our emotional wellbeing?)


I am an alumna of Central Michigan University and the State University of New York. I'm proud to be a tenured teacher in New York and now in Michigan where I work and reside with my handsome husband and two very active boys. I am the author of Here's the Thing: A Love Letter of Life Lessons. I co-authored the US History text book for the Michigan Open Books Project and RISE: In Pursuit of Empowerment. I am youth mental health first aid certified, a yoga instructor, Mindful Schools trained and a certified Cognitive Coach. I enjoy public speaking and leading workshops on important topics like mentoring, positive self talk and healthy relationships.


LP Inspire, LLC was founded to encourage all people to grow into their best selves. I created the Lotus Project for teens and their mentors in 2011 and have been building positive relationships through it ever since.

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